Breaking News: The ICC to look at the case IMMEDIATELY

Around one hour ago (2.30pm GMT) our lawyers left the International Court with very good news.

The ICC have agreed to look into the case, immediately, so as to avoid any further bloodshed in Bahrain.

In addition they agreed with our premise that Bahrain is indeed breaking international law and were very positive about our campaign.

Lead lawyer May Khansa said, “I’m very pleased, this is definitely the start we needed.”

The evidence was presented after a loud and lively demonstration outside the court with protesters demanding, ‘Out, out, Al Khalifa!’.

We know there is still a long way to go in bringing the Al Khalifa family to justice for their war crimes, but this is the first step and a very positive step.

In the next few hours we will be uploading photos and videos from the day.


About dominickavakeb
Dominic Kavakeb is a recent Masters graduate in International Journalism from City University, London. He lives in London and is of British/ Middle Eastern origin.

7 Responses to Breaking News: The ICC to look at the case IMMEDIATELY

  1. Bedi says:

    Well done

  2. S.Hassan says:

    fantastic news

  3. anonymous says:

    great news, we are waiting the video.

  4. Martha A Hisington says:

    THIS IS WONDERFUL!! Praying for all the people of Bahrain to receive some long-overdue JUSTICE! Thank you for your hard work to bring this about. God Bless you!!

  5. Ahmed says:

    Good job guys. Keep it up, we want those to face justice! God Bless you all..

  6. Wizarat says:

    Excellent news, may be all the hard work will pay off in the long run.
    What about US, UK, and EU governments?

  7. Noor-Bahrain says:

    Thank you very much an I wish you good luck . I am waiting for the day when the criminals, AlKhalifa and AlSaud are sentenced.

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