Yasser joins war crimes delegation

From The Bolton News

A BOLTON man is among a group of Bahrainis living in Britain travelling to the Hague today to lodge war crimes allegations against the Al Khalifa family at the International Criminal Court.

Yasser Al-Saegh, who lives in Chorley Old Road, Heaton, is one of five Bahrainis making the trip because he is concerned about the regime and is campaigning for democracy.

They say a dossier of evidence charts the use of army tanks and snipers to fire on peaceful unarmed protesters, killing at least 31. Hundreds were severely injured, and then denied basic medical treatment and access to the country’s main medical centre, they claim.

It is alleged some of those who made it to the hospital were picked up by the police, attacked and taken away.

Computer analyst Mr Al- Saegh, aged 42, who has lived in Bolton for nearly 20 years claims his nephew has been kidnapped by authorities in the Middle East as punishment for his outspoken views on the regime at a protest in Manchester.

He said: “I am extremely concerned about what has been going on, and especially my nephew after he disappeared. We have not heard from him since he went missing in March.

“We want to bring the regime to justice, because they are violating human rights. We want peace and democracy.”


About dominickavakeb
Dominic Kavakeb is a recent Masters graduate in International Journalism from City University, London. He lives in London and is of British/ Middle Eastern origin.

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