Statement from UK Trade Union, Unison

Stop the attack on Bahraini trade unions

(20/04/2011) UNISON today urged members to support an international trade union campaign to stop attacks against the Bahrain trade unions movement.

The authorities in Bahrain have launched an all-out attack on the trade union movement. Thousands of workers have been dismissed for taking part in trade union activities in support of the peaceful calls for greater democracy and reform.

Many of the Executive members of the General Federation of Bahraini Trade Unions (GFBTU) have been dismissed from their jobs, as have many local trade union leaders. The people of Bahrain are living in a state of fear of further killings and other violence, arbitrary detention, and loss of their livelihoods.

Bahrain is sliding into absolute dictatorship, and the elimination of trade union activity is being given a high priority by those in the ruling circles who intend to drag the country into totalitarianism


About dominickavakeb
Dominic Kavakeb is a recent Masters graduate in International Journalism from City University, London. He lives in London and is of British/ Middle Eastern origin.

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